Zero Days Without Incident


A RixFlix Short Story

By: J Jackson Bentley

A Typical J Jackson Bentley thriller, this one based in Orlando with the Theme Parks at the heart of this gripping short story.


Rick and Nikki are Vloggers. They mainly vlog about what is happening in the parks but when they start a True Crime Vlog everything changes.


Who knew that a serial killer was watching, and waiting. In a short space of time they cease being the pursuers and very definitely become the pursued.

Can they avoid an incident? Will they escape the serial killer? When will the Mummy ride re-open?

A heart pumping thriller that will place you right in the centre of the action. Filled with humour, action and shenanigans it is the ultimate spring and summer read.

By purchasing this eBook you are supporting RixFlix who receive all royalties and proceeds from its publication.

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