The Wizarding World Adult Beverage Guide

If you are an adult visiting The Wizarding World you are not limited to only non-alcoholic drinks you can quench your thirst with some adult beverages like beers and lagers. Check out what The Wizarding World has to offer.

Hog's Head Brew

This was the first exclusive beer created for the Wizarding World and is found only at the Hog's Head Pub in the middle of Hogsmeade. It's a red ale, which has been compared to that of Killian's Irish Red. A must try for those hoping to dive into the immersive world of Harry Potter.

Deathly Hollows

For the adults in the party who like the dark beers and lagers you can try the 'secret' Deathly Hollows drink from the Hog's Head Bar. It consists of Strongbow Cider, Hog's Head Brew, and Dark Guinness on top. This drink is only available by request so make sure to remember on your next trip!

Blishen’s Fire Whisky

This popular cinnamon-flavored whiskey is familiar to the biggest fans of Harry Potter and available in Dragon Alley. While its called 'Ogden's Old Fire Whiskey' in the books, this version is considered the muggle-friendly version and slightly weaker variant. It is sold at the Hog's Head Inn in Hogsmeade and the Leaky Cauldron and Hopping Pot in Universal Orlando.

Wizard’s Brew

This drink is a dark stout full of malt flavors like chocolate and coffee with a strong and sweet finish. It is available at Diagon Alley, at The Leaky Cauldron, The Fountain of Fair Fortune and The Hopping Pot. If you like sweet dark porters, this might be one for you.

Dragon Scale

This drink is found at Diagon Alley, at The Leaky Cauldron, The Fountain of Fair Fortune and The Hopping Pot and is more of a sweet amber lager with a faint caramel and cherry aroma with a bit of grassy hops. Somewhat similar to a Vienna lager.